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Workplace Safety

Fall Protection Theory Training

This course will provide the necessary theoretical knowledge of proper fall prevention.

Participants will learn the legal requirements under the following legislation.

Understand the principles of basic hazards and controls of fall prevention.
Ladders, scaffolds, powered aerial work platforms, protective covers, warning barriers and bump lines, guardrails.

Understand travel-restraint systems, Fall-restriction & safety net systems, Fall-arrest components, Bottoming out, Pendulum effect, Emergency rescue. 80% grade required for pass

80 people are injured every day in a fall at work, that's one every 20 minutes
Same-level slips and falls account for 65% of all fall injuries
Falls from heights account for 34% of all fall injuries
Nearly 20 % of all lost time injuries can be attributed to falls in the workplace

These falls are preventable. This course will provide participants the necessary theoretical knowledge of proper fall prevention, as well as their responsibilities when working where hazards exist. They will also learn how to properly inspect and use the necessary equipment properly as well as the controls necessary to reduce the risk of a fall.

Participants will:

Know the legal requirements under the following legislation.
Understand the principles of basic hazards and controls of fall prevention.
Powered elevation work platforms
Protective covers
Warning barriers and bump lines
Understand travel-restraint systems
Fall-restriction & safety net systems
Fall-arrest components
Inspection of Equipment
Bottoming out
Pendulum effect
Emergency rescue
  • Fall Protection Student Manual
  • Fall Protection Module 1 - Introduction
  • Fall Protection Module 2 - Legal
  • Fall Protection Module 3 - Hazard Control
  • Fall Protection Module 4 - Fall Prevention Ladders
  • Fall Protection Module 5 - Fall Prevention Scaffolds
  • Fall Protection Module 6 - Fall Prevention Aerial Work Platforms
  • Fall Protection Module 7 - Fall Prevention Protective Covers
  • Fall Protection Module 8 - Fall Prevention Warning Barriers & Bump Lines
  • Fall Protection Module 9 - Fall Prevention Guard Rails
  • Fall Protection Module 10 - Fall Prevention Travel Restraint System
  • Fall Protection Module 11 - Fall Arrest Fall Restricting System
  • Fall Protection Module 12 - Fall Arrest Safety Net System
  • Fall Protection Module 13 - Fall Arrest Life Lines
  • Fall Protection Module 14 - Fall Arrest Anchor Systems
  • Fall Protection Module 15 - Fall Arrest Full Body Harness
  • Fall Protection Module 16 - Fall Arrest Lanyards & Shock Absorbers
  • Fall Protection Module 17 - Fall Arrest Connecting Devices
  • Fall Protection Module 18 - Fall Arrest Bottoming Out
  • Fall Protection Module 19 - Fall Arrest Pendulum Effect
  • Fall Protection Module 20 - Fall Arrest Emergency Procedure
  • Fall Protection Theory Training Exam
Completion rules
  • You must complete the test "Fall Protection Theory Training Exam"
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 1 year